Philosophy of Life

As a kind of ice-breaker activity, we asked each person on the delegation to think about their “life philosophy” and try to boil it down to one sentence.  Everyone agreed this was a futile effort, but generously agreed to cooperate anyway.  We admitted that our philosophies of life can’t really fit on a bumper sticker, and that they change over time.  That said, here is what the individuals in the group came up with on the spur of the moment on a random day in January, 2013.

CUSD/SosteNica Nicaragua Construction Brigade

Philosophy of Life, in one line, for January , 2013

  • Celine – “Be firm, but diplomatic.”
  • Edbert – “If you set your mind to do something, do it 100% or don’t do it at all.”
  • Camelia –  « Il faut asumé ses choix dans la vie, et ne jamais les regreter. » (she said that it could not be adequately translated into English, so it is left in the original French.)
  • Alan – “Love what is, but leave the world each day better than you found it.”
  • Kevin – “Pursue sustainable happiness.”
  • Eric – “Do no harm.”
  • Ethan – “What’s the worst that can happen?”
  • Kai – “To feel connection through the emptiness of permanence.”
  • Mary – “Your moment by moment interactions are always more important than you think, and your personal problems are always less important than you think.”
  • Gosia – What doesn’t kill me makes me stronger.”
  • Christine – “Just roll with it!”
  • Mitch- “I’ll get back to you.”
  • Mandy- “Don’t rush through life.”
  • Gabriela – “Learn as much as possible, listen more than you speak.”
  • Becky – “If you believe in yourself and the people around you – anything is possible.”
  • Ricardo – “In action, you get the glory of success or you pay the consequences of failure, but you never have regrets.”
  • Caroline – “Do what makes you happy but not at the expense of other people’s happiness.”
  • Saddman – “Do what it takes to be happy.”
  • Lee – “You are going to die – squeeze out every last drop.”
  • Thomas – “Treat each situation in the present moment as an opportunity to define yourself that feeds the larger and constantly evolving definition of mankind within the scope of the universe.”
  • Aiden – “Work for the greatest happiness for all.”
  • Vernon – “Dar servicio para el bien, cuidando la naturaleza.” (Do servive for the good of all and take care of nature.)

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